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The 3D printers niceness at UCSF managing Pandemic situation

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“FDA recognizes that, when alternatives, such as FDA-cleared masks or respirators, are unavailable, individuals, including healthcare professionals, might improvise PPE. FDA does not intend to object to individuals’ distribution and use of improvised PPE when no alternatives, such as FDA-cleared masks or respirators, are available.
Jenny Tai, If you or your organization has access to 3D printing equipment and would like to contribute to the production of face shields, you may print any of the designs listed on this page. Please send an email to 3dfaceshields@ucsf.edu to coordinate drop-offs or shipping.”

According to the director of clinical engineering at UCSF Health Ramana Sastry, “This protects a worker’s face from splashes and droplets. This design is key, not only because it’s inexpensive and quick, but also because we’re talking about extended use and reuse.”

As stated by Makers Lab manager Dylan Romero, “Our goal is to direct all resources and staffing to support those on the front lines. We are prepared to do everything possible to help during this crisis.”

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UCSF using 3D printers to make face shields for healthcare workers

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