3D printing the Cherry cake

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This is the high tech design bakery. Minimum tooling is needed with 3D printing. It can save time and money.
Importance of 3D printing cake is we can have vegan, gluten-free any kind of cake in less time. I think any professional can make the vegan or gluten free cake in no time. We are talking about 3D printing and this is 3D printed cake we can use our imagination to create any dream design.
preparation to make design take less time so it will be easy to make.

Have fun:)



Microsoft and 3D Printer OS software to simplify 3D printing

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Microsoft and 3D Printer OS software to simplify 3D printing. personalize 3d printing.
With 3D Printer OS users can prepare, fix, securely store, and stream designs to 3D printers with data tracking and analytics. We work with schools and enterprises to make managing 3D printing easy. 🙂


Metro State Engineers Lend Helping Hand To Doctors

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Originally posted on SVEnvironment: By Jamie Leary DENVER (CBS4) – It went from an idea over beers to a breakthrough design. It’s a new take on the cumbersome cast. The three engineering students at Metropolitan State University behind it are teaming up with medical professionals to make a completely unique product. (credit: CBS) “Literally over…

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3D printed tools to overcome mobility disabilities

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Los Angeles, California as a part of a class project students design helped contracture symptoms by developing with the support from online 3D printing supplier MatterHackers and their 3D printers.
Scott’s condition, which she has had since she was a child, limits the ability for her to use her hands to perform everyday tasks.

Over time, the condition creates tight cord-like areas underneath the skin that cause the fingers to draw inwards, which subsequently limits her ability to fully open and close her hands.