Biocurious 3D BioPrinter

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Biocurious 3D BioPrinter they design an open source DIY cell printer.
3D printing, but with squishier ingredients in an “open innovation culture.”

it’s all based on inkjet and/or 3D printing.


The top 100 Women in 3D Printed Wearables

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3D printed apparels, Sylvia Heisel is a fashion designer and creative director working with new materials, manufacturing and physical computing for fashion and wearables.

According to the team, “ Women of Wearables have compiled a list of the top 100 women in wearable and consumer tech. The only way to change the industry is to be part of the industry without female role models, women cannot be what they cannot see.”
Sylvia Heisel was named one of the “12 Amazing People in New York Fashion Tech”.

Sylvia Heisel and their team focused on to build the software and infrastructure necessary for other designers and brands to 3D print clothing.

3D Printing and more ( Jobs )3D Writing Systems and PrintMode Engineer

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3D Writing Systems and PrintMode Engineer

Corvallis, Oregon

Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Engineering, either material science, mechanical or related field.

4-6 years experience previously developing print system printmodes.

Familiarity with 3D MJF systems

Experience with image processing algorithms, firmware pipeline configuration, and output quality.

Develop fusing recipes by modifying fuse parameters to meet part. strength/appearance/accuracy.