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Worlds Fair Nano

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Worlds Fair Nano

In this Worlds fair Nano, is filled with several Innovations. Such as 3D Printing,  Drones Virtual Reality and over 50 companies.



World’s Smallest Image printing using 3D NanoDrip Technology

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World’s Smallest Image printing using 3D NanoDrip Technology


ETH Zurich and a startup called Scrona Ltd. have been announced world record holders for the smallest inkjet-printed color image. They used 3D NanoDrip printing technology to print a tiny image of clown fish around a sea anemone.  The image is of the size of a cross section of a human hair.  The image is 0.0092 mm2 in area and can only be seen under a microscope.

The image is printed using nano particles called quantum-dots.  Quantum-dots can emit lights of different colors depending on their size.  Layers of red, green, and blue quantum dots can be created to generate different colors.

Scrona also developed µPeek, a credit card sized microscope that can be used to see the tiny image.  The microscope can be interfaced with smartphones allowing you to see it using the smartphone and to take pictures of the image.