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3D printing used to make glass optical fiber preform

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According to Science News and John Canning who led the research team from the University of Technology in Sydney, “Making silica optical fiber involves the labor-intensive process of spinning tubes on a lathe, which requires the fiber’s core or cores to be precisely centered. With additive manufacturing, there’s no need for the fiber geometry to […]

3D Printing News Alert(E-book to learn how additive manufacturing)

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According to Stratasys,” Enabling a New Era of Design Optimization, Complexity, and Functionality for Composite Structures.”

3D Printing News Alert(Ohio officials seek to promote 3D-printing of prosthetics via law change)

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Ohio officials seek to promote 3D-printing of prosthetics via law change. According to Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, during a Statehouse news conference on Thursday, “Aaron is providing an innovative and creative solution to a problem that he and many other people face, and I don’t want outdated laws to stand in his or anyone else’s […]

Flexible circuits for 3D printing

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According to Tomke Glier of the University of Hamburg Scientific Reports,” the University of Hamburg and DESY has developed a 3D printing-capable process that can be used to produce transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circuits. The electronics consist of a network of silver nanowires that can be printed in a suspension and embedded in various […]

3D Printing News Alert(Higher temperature responsive 4D printing)

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According to Chen X, Liu X, Ouyang M and Dr Connor Myant, a lecturer at the Dyson School of Design Engineering and Imperial College London (ICL),”explored 4D printing and its potential to herald new opportunities for industries and consumers.,”a novel electrochemical 3D printer with 2 deposition nozzles was presented which is capable of printing temperature […]