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Strata 3D University

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Strata 3D University


According to the Strata 3D University,” This is an online resource offering tutorials and learning resources for Strata software products.  The primary Strata product covered is Design 3D. Design 3D is a professional level 3D modeling and animation software offered by Strata. Strata 3D University offers more than a thousand tutorial videos.  They offer a month-to-month subscription or a 12-month subscription.

Design 3D is a software offered by Strata that allows modeling of 3D objects that can be 3D printed. Design 3D allows exporting designs created to file formats that are accepted by many 3D printers. Since Design 3D is a very versatile tool for 3D modeling, not all designs created using Design 3D may be suitable for 3D printing.  Designers have to follow certain guidelines to create designs that can be 3D printed”.:)





Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures

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Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures


According to John Edmark, ” He is an inventor and designer who teaches at Stanford University has designed 3D printed sculptures called blooms that animate when spun and lit by a strobe light. These sculptures can be used to create fascinating animations using a video camera with a fast shutter speed.  The 3D printed sculpture is rotated at a particular speed synchronized with the shutter speed of the video camera that captures a picture every time the object turns by a particular angle.  As a result, fascinating animations are created as shown in the videos below.  These designs are available for printing from Shapeways.  A turntable and a strobe light are needed to animate a bloom.  Generating an animation using a bloom is similar to Zoetrope.  The number of spirals on each sculpture is always Fibonacci numbers.  Therefore these are also called Fibonacci Zoetropes”.:)