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3D printing’s recasting

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According to Ryan Sochol, an assistant professor in mechanical engineering and director of the Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing (BAM) Laboratory at UMD’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, “When 3D printing with the morphing nozzle, the power lies on their side actuators, which can be inflated like a balloon to change the shape of the nozzle, and in turn, the orientations of the fibers.”

Mighty Morphing 3D Printing



3D printings craft project for STEM

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According to Poway High School sophomore Rohan Bosworth, “We have a lot of experience (with our 3D printer) because of robotics, and we used our printers to produce PPE and ear savers for frontline workers earlier this year. So, it was easy to produce the ornaments.”
In a STEM craft project for elementary students, the team used a software called, OnShape.
Onshape software helps designing ornaments using a computer program called Computer-Aided Design, or CAD.

Poway High student uses STEM to bring holiday cheer