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Rugged 3D printer for disaster relief

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Rugged 3D printer for disaster relief with shock-absorbing isolators.
According to Collin Boring, CTO of Rugged 3D, “Rugged 3D is enabling the ingenuity of warfighters to be exercised in-theatre to improve a team’s operational readiness & self-sustainability.¨
According to CEO Barb Ewing ,¨Rugged 3D officials toured YBI, they knew Youngstown was the place to be. They agreed with our assessment that Youngstown is really the heart of the additive manufacturing industry in North American.¨

Desktop Metalś become public

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Desktop Metalś 17-4ph is Stainless steel, and martensitic precipitation. It is known for the hardened stainless steel with high levels of strength hardness, and heat resistance.
Products like the Golf club’s with a complex design, 17-4 parts make it easy for designers and engineers to print-on-demand in their office or lab.

Desktop Metal to Become Public, Creating the Only Listed Pure-Play Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Company

Applications for 3D printing in 17-4PH Stainless Steel