3D printing with robotic to build houses.

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Using 3D printing to build the house is a modern solution is for architecture. To make inexpensive houses 3D printing is the best solution. The benefits of robotic automation are such as, reduced cost, increased speed, accuracy, and consistency with improved quality and scalability of products. This is a new opportunity for labor.  Using 3D printing can also provide extra security because it needs less assembling.

Mighty Buildings Creates New 3D Printed ADU in San Diego

Mighty Buildings Creates New 3D Printed ADU in San Diego

3D printer for fabric designers

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According to Lior, he is an application engineer and senior industrial designer at Stratasys,” he wanted a design that used a fabric covering, a popular trend in smart speakers.
Because he was using multilateral for this project, he knew he could incorporate fabric into the design immediately. He used PolyJet Technology™. His first models were 3D printed with DraftGrey™ – a low-cost, single material, fast printing option ideal for rapid prototyping.
Lior started with dozens of hand-drawn sketches. He liked the look of
minimalist, geometric shapes, so Lior, tried cubes, spheres, even triangles. He also mentioned he had so many iterations that it was hard to keep track of them all – he had to stay very organized.”

How to Streamline Your Design Process with Multimaterial 3D Printing