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Stratasys completed the acquisition of SF startup ‘Origin’

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Stratasys acquires a 3D printing startup ‘Origin,’ in San Francisco, California. This is a cash-out deal and worth $100 million.
Origin’s resin-based programmable photopolymerization(P3) is gaining leadership for its mass production.

Stratasys (SSYS) Completes Origin Buyout to Fuel 3D Printing

Nano Dimension’s direct offering

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3D Printed Nano Dimension

As stated by Yoav Stern, CEO at Nano Dimension, the technology of 3D printed electronics is divided between printers that inject inks, such as silver, to create a circuit on the build and its latest system which prints conductive or dielectric inks onto multiple layers to build a three-dimensional electronic printed circuit board. The AME system adds more polymer and more conductive material layer-by-layer to create a 3D object. “It’s not one layer of circuit. It’s dozens of layers, if not hundreds of layers with vias, with holes, you don’t need to drill holes.


The Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies