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The 3D printing in the space before and now

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Made In Space completed10 Year.
This was the first 3D printer in the space ever.
In 2015, Sv3dprinter wrote an article about Dr. 3D Printer Solutions for 3d printing questions (3D Printing a Wrench in Space).
Technology changed so much now.
Let’s see if we can be differentiated from what kind of development we are experiencing now in 2020.

Dr. 3D Printer Solutions for 3d printing question(3D Printing a Wrench in Space)


The machine tool of 3D printers

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Essentium’s 3D printing has exclusive features of 3G acceleration, all direct-drive servo motors, including no belts or pulleys, fully digital, Marlin compatible G-code.
Because of its distinctive characteristics, it can transform manufacturing floors and solve the issues of strength, speed, and cost.
Industries like to use, such as Biomedical Device, Commercial Manufacturing, Footwear and, Apparel, Architecture, and Design.

Important Applications are used to make Prosthetic Sockets, Orthotic Devices, Low-Temp Jigs, and, Fixtures, Rapid Prototyping, Castings, etc.