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4D printing adopting 3D printing’s multi-material approach.

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According to Qi Ge, and scientist from mechanics, mechatronic systems,” a simple and versatile multi-material 3-D printing approach to fabricate highly complex, hybrid 3-D architectures. They then used a self-built digital-light processing multi-material 3-D printer to form hydrogel-polymer hybrid 3-D structures. The team displayed a series of applications including a 3-D printed meniscus, 4-D printed cardiovascular stent and a 3-D printed ionic conductor, as advantages of the approach.”

3-D printing highly stretchable hydrogel with diverse UV curable polymers.

4D printing of materials for the future: Opportunities and challenges.

Researchers develop 4D printing technology for composite materials


3D printing competition for $300 million

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Your idea for $300 million’s 3D printing competition.
According to Burlington-based Desktop Metal’s CEO Ric Fulop,
“Together, Desktop Metal and EnvisionTEC have an opportunity to shape the future … and transform how parts are made around the world.”

Desktop Metal buys 3D-printing competitor for $300 million