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4D additive software

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4D additive software is new for the additive area. People who are already using this software can get benefit from having a new version of the software. In the new version 1.4, users can save the repaired and optimized within 4D additive CAD models can be modified as an intelligent B-Rep geometry through robust ´direct modeling´ functions, which has clear advantages over a process based on tessellated models.

Core Technologie

Market innovation: the software 4D_Additive generates STEP data

3D printed plant-based food

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According to The Redefine Meat company they are able to 3D print 50 meatless “steaks” per hour. Redefine Meat produces animal-free meat with the same appearance, texture, and flavor of animal meat, from natural and sustainable ingredients.

According to Redefine Meat CEO and founder Eshchar Ben-Shitrit,¨the sector needs to look beyond innovation at a product level to develop new technologies and processes.¨

According to Dr. Annick Verween, RisingFoodStars Manager, “We’re thrilled to welcome 20 outstanding agrifood scaleups to the RisingFoodStars network. We believe these companies are the gamechangers of the future and the fact that they are on the edge of scaling internationally makes them the perfect addition to our EIT Food community. Now the fun begins, in learning to know them better, seeing where they need to progress and connecting them to partners and opportunities within and outside of the EIT Food network.”

A startup is 3D printing plant-based steaks to recreate the taste and texture of the real thing — see how they do it

Redefine Meat