3D Printed Wearable Design

3D printed wearable things with fabrics

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3D printed wearable things with fabrics. According to the Merriam-Webster defines,” a fabric as a cloth, or a material RESEMBLING cloth. Successfully printed some really cool fabrics in this video”.





3D Printed Moog Necklace

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3D Printed Moog Necklace. One picture says thousands of words.:)







3D Printed Mascara Wand

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3D Printed Mascara Wand.
According to the Chanel 3D- printed mascara brush, Le Volume Revolution,”The micro-cavities printed in the brush allow the mascara formula to absorb, delivering exactly the right amount to lashes allowing it to be built up to increase lash volume without having to re-dip the brush back into the mascara tube between each application.

The “granular texture” of the brush, it helps the mascara stay put, adhering to each lash more easily. Each bristle has been printed and arranged in millimetre-scale so that it creates volume”.:)