3D Printing Possibilities and adventures

Custom building envelopes straight from the 3D printer

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According to Moritz Mungenast, he is Associate Professor of Architectural Design and Building Envelope, “Custom building envelopes straight from the printer and not only is the facade element very stable, it’s also translucent and multi-functional. For example, cells inside the element provide stability while at the same time creating air-filled cavities for optimum insulation. Waves in the material create shadows. Thin embedded tubes let air circulate from one side of the element to the other, ensuring the best possible ventilation. And the micro-structured surface provides for perfect acoustics. All these functions are scalable and can be adapted to accommodate individual requirements at no extra cost”.





New 3D printing material

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According to the Sculpteo,” New 3D printing material is Urethane Methacrylate (UMA 90) resin (UMA 90) is a very stiff and strong 3D printing material. The 3D printed parts created with this new resin material developed by Carbon are comparable to injection molded plastics, which makes it a really interesting material to develop prototypes but also resistant finished products. One of the main advantages of this material is its smooth surface. Indeed, objects 3D printed using this resin are naturally smooth and you don’t need post-treatments similar to the ones you need with Nylon PA12 parts”.