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4D printing can be flexible

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4D printing can be flexible. A 4D printer can change the shape of the material is smart for temperature it will be valuable for aerodynamics.

It moves! The infinite potential of 4D printing. | Opinion

3D printing companies Stratasys and nTopology working together

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According to Stratasys Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions Pat Carey, “nTopology’s software for additive design is a powerful pairing with our additive manufacturing systems, so it was clear we should work together. Our analysis shows manufacturing applications are currently seeing the most growth in our industry, from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2025, so we focused our first Collaboration on serving that segment. Companies want to move faster – to be able to adapt to change – and pure digital manufacturing gives them that agility.”

nTopology and Stratasys Collaborate to Automate the Design of Manufacturing Aids for the Factory Floor