3D Printing History

WEBINAR– Advanced Configurations(CAD)

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These webinar’s are related with simple table parts and show you how to create intelligent configurations using math, derived parts and Feature Script.

3D Printing Conference or Webinar about advanced configurations for CAD.

March 6,2018 at 11 a.m. (EST)

March 8, VisualCAMc



3D Printing for Jewelers

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A few years back we have little bit less research about 3D Printing. Watching this video we can compare before and now. Some materials and technologies are changed now.

We can learn more if we know the little bit more about the history. Even though it is a few years back.

3D Printing for Jewelers. DMLS is just like SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), but the machines are equipped with a way more powerful laser and also have to use protective gas.
With DMLS-Machines you can process metals and ceramics, with SLS only plastics.
The process that is in DMLS. L is for a LASER. In this process uses the material is bronze powder.
This is so-called “bronze infused stainless steel” printing, which is a proprietary 3D printing process by ExOne.

Nowadays some of the 3D Printer can be the best 3d printer for jewelry making in 18k and 22k.

Please check out sv3dprinter.com post for information.