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3D printed Jello

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As NIST researcher Andrei Kolmakov said,” Using a 3D printer to fabricate an object made of gel is a bit more of a delicate cooking process.”
In this process researchers, used already bonded molecules. They fill up the 3d printers chamber with these long-chain polymers.
Researchers add a hint of special molecules that are sensitive to light.
This light is working like a catalyst and activates these sensitive molecules.
Together they form a chain-like structure. It is a kind of 3D printed Jello.

NIST Scientists Get Soft on 3D Printing

Electron and X-ray Focused Beam-Induced Cross-Linking in Liquids: Toward Rapid Continuous 3D Nanoprinting and Interfacing using Soft Materials

Scientists get soft on 3D nanoprinting

Scientists get soft on 3D printing