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3d Printed Engagement Rings

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3d Printed Engagement Rings

Jewelers are 3D printing jewelry for customers to try. According to Brilliance, ” a Florida based jeweler is letting customers order online 3D printed mock-ups of rings they want to try. A customer can get the better feel for a ring before buying it. Jewelry is typically expensive delicate and used to very sensitive occasions. This is why people hesitate to buy them online. Have you seen a picture of a hamburger in an online ad and it looks awesome? But when you actually buy it, it turns out to be tiny and not so appetizing. You don’t want that to happen with jewelry, particularly engagement rings.

The Brilliance makes online buying of engagement rings closer to an in-store experience by letting customers feel the rings and even try them on by using a 3D printed mock-up. People should be more comfortable buying an engagement ring online if they can hold and try at least a 3D printed mockup if not the original thing. However, this approach isn’t without shortcomings. For example, the feel of an actual ring may be different from that of a mock-up.  You are a step closer to the real thing but not quite there.  Also, this approach doesn’t work for someone who wants to keep the engagement ring a surprise. But buying from a store doesn’t solve this problem either.

Buying online has it advantages. You get to look at a bigger variety of jewelry online compared to a store.  You also get better deals. You can compare prices. All from your laptop. This is why, Brilliance is sending out between 100 and 250 of 3D printed rings a month. They allow customers to try rings in different sizes to allow them to find their correct ring size, try different diamond shapes, and try different carat sizes. If a customer has a 3D printer they send the files needed to 3D print the rings.  Or else they 3D print the rings and send the 3D printed mock-up to the customer.  Brilliance’s approach will make lot more customers consider buying engagement rings online.  It could revolutionize the way people buy jewelry”.:)





Fashion Designs using 3D Printers

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Fashion Designs using 3D Printers

According to ABC news,”Fashion designers are using 3D printers to make clothes, jewelry, shoes and other fashionable articles. Fashion designers have 3D printed articles for wearing alone or with other clothing.  For examples, designers are 3D printing fashionable shoes.  Victoria’s Secret has 3D printed costume inspired by snowflakes.  3D printing opens new frontiers for fashion”.:)