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Microsoft and 3D Printer OS software to simplify 3D printing

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Microsoft and 3D Printer OS software to simplify 3D printing. personalize 3d printing.
With 3D Printer OS users can prepare, fix, securely store, and stream designs to 3D printers with data tracking and analytics. We work with schools and enterprises to make managing 3D printing easy. 🙂





3D Printing from Recycled Ocean Plastic

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3D Printing from Recycled Ocean Plastic is for better future.  PlasticBank.org has printed the world’s first 3D printing filament from recycled ocean plastic. The plastic from the shorelines of Alaska, the sorting, recycling and a successful print from HPDE which is a very difficult plastic type for 3D printing.

Selecting a hard to print but commonly found plastic type was an important part of the Plastic’s for Change program. The extruder technology was developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Plastic Bank is turning plastic waste into a currency in developing countries.

A large part of The Plastic Bank’s life improvement program is to empower the world’s poor to become micro-recycling/manufacturing entrepreneurs by providing access to 3D printing. All Alaska footage was courtesy of Dudes on Media for National Geographic.



3D Printer for pills and gummy

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The Vitae Industries AutoCompounder is a 2x2x2 3D printer that makes pills and gummies for neighborhood pharmacists in a third of the time required to fill gel capsules by hand.
High school friends Jeanine SinananSingh and Daniel DeCiccio, are Chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Vitae Industries Inc.
They are developing the AutoCompounder.:)






3D food printing help people with chewing difficulties

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Mr. Kück is the owner of the German food company Biozoon.

According to Mr. Kück PERFORMANCE technology would mean a significant step forward from the mash of blended foods typically served. “We found that because the meals are more appealing in terms of appearance and taste, people look forward to eating again”.

Favourite food for special needs.:)