4D Printing programmable textiles

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According to the comments from the videos, ” 4D printing Programmable Textiles looks like, Lays potato chips are made. Once produced on 3D printers, objects made of programmable materials continue to take shape, folding, unfolding, or assembling themselves in response to outside stimuli such as light, movement, heat, pressure, or water.

The programmable Materials consist of material compositions designed to become highly dynamic in form and function. Yet, they are as cost-effective as traditional materials, easily fabricated, and capable of flat-pack shipping and self-assembly. These new materials include self-transforming carbon fiber, printed wood grain, custom textile composites, and other rubbers/plastics, which offer unprecedented capabilities, including programmable actuation, sensing, and self-transformation, from a simple material.”

Interested in learning more about programmable materials and 4D printing? Check out By Ellen Muraskin. You’ll discover how these cutting-edge technologies revolutionize our design and manufacture of products. Click the link above to read the full article.

Author: Ellen Muraskin.

4D printing is the catchphrase, programmable materials the newsmakers

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Published: 19 Mar 2018

4D printing’ is the catchphrase, programmable materials the newsmakers



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