3Dprint360, access to 3D printers.

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According to the 3DPrint360,” it is a New York-based startup that aims to provide affordable access to 3D printers for schools, homes, and businesses.  3DPrint360 provides access to new, refurbished, and used 3d printers as well as 3D printing materials, installation, and service agreements related to 3D printers.

3DPrint360 works with schools to ensure that they procure the right 3d printers, materials, and tools for their needs. They provide schools with a dedicated installation and maintenance agent that provides any needed support and maintenance help. For people who are not ready to purchase and own a 3D printer, 3DPrint360 provides access to 3D printer rentals (presently for customers in the Tri-State area).
According to Zach Lichaa, Founder and CEO of 3DPrint360, “It is our simple belief that more interaction with 3d printing will positively affect industry, education, the environment, and society as a whole. Accordingly, we work every day to provide knowledgeable, affordable and welcoming access to technology for our clients around the world.¨

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