3D Printing’s new big thing is coming from MIT

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During his Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. defense at MIT in August 2016, Mr. Keating unveiled MIT’s latest invention—a 3D Printing technology capable of constructing buildings in an astonishing 14 hours. Known as the “Digital Construction Platform,” this revolutionary robot aims to be self-sufficient, although human monitoring is necessary for safety. The prototype successfully created a dome using a commonly used spray foam during testing. The entire system can be powered by electricity or solar panels. According to Steven Keating, co-author of a paper published in the journal “Science Robotics,” this process can potentially replace a fundamental aspect of traditional building construction. The implications are enormous, as this innovative technology could be integrated into construction sites, revolutionizing how buildings are created.

 “in the future, to have something autonomous that you could send to the moon  or Mars or Antarctica, and it would just go out and make these buildings for years,”

3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings.

This robot can 3D print a building in 14 hours.

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