3D printings multi design cooking.

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3D printed food with artist’s impression. Be creative and cook healthy food.

Lasers could bring the precision of 3D printing to the cooking of food.

As mentioned by Lipson, a pioneering roboticist who works in the areas of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing, “Food printers are not meant to replace conventional cooking—they won’t solve all of our nutritional needs, nor cook everything we should eat but they will produce an infinite variety of customized fresh, nutritional foods on demand, transforming digital recipes and basic ingredients supplied in frozen cartridges into healthy dishes that can supplement our daily intake. I think this is the missing link that will bring the benefits of personalized data-driven health to our kitchen tables—it’s the ‘killer app’ of 3D printing.¨

Lipson and his students have been developing a 3D food printer that can fabricate edible items.

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