3D printings glossification

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According to MIT scholars, Michael Foshey and his fellow researchers, developed a combination of software as well hardware 3D printing system is using a special property which will create a glossy look for the 3d printed part.
The glossy feature is defined in this book called ‘a chapter in the book of how to do high-fidelity appearance reproduction using a 3D printer.”
As Foshey also mentioned,’ The printer uses just three off-the-shelf varnishes — one glossy, one matte, and one in between. By incorporating these varnishes into its preprogrammed halftoning pattern, the printer can yield continuous, spatially varying shades of glossiness across the printing surface. Our eyes actually do the mixing itself where you could almost not tell the difference between the object and the reproduction.

Towards Spatially Varying Gloss Reproduction for 3D Printing

This 3D printer doesn’t gloss over the details

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