3D Printing using jet Aluminum

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3D printing patent for binder jetting 6061 aluminum with the improved lightweight design system.

As explained by Ford technical leader Harold Sears, ¨This is a breakthrough in making 3D printed and sintered parts for the auto industry. While the 3D-printing process is very different than stamping body panels, we understand the behavior of aluminum better today, as well as its value in light-weighting vehicles. High-speed aluminum 3D printing paves the way for other opportunities that we’re just now starting to look at because of the ability to do complex parts with aluminum that previously weren’t possible. It’s opening doors for other opportunities.”

ExOne CEO John Hartner also mentioned, “Developing a fast, affordable, and easy way to 3D print aluminum with traditional material properties is a critical step toward light-weighting more products and delivering a more sustainable future. Our world-class engineers and scientists are focused on solving the toughest problems with 3D printing technology, and this achievement is a real win for all of us.”

ExOne Achieves Scientific Breakthrough: Automotive Industry-First Binder Jet Aluminum 3D Printing and High-Density Sintering.

ExOne and Ford have announced the automotive industry’s first binder jet 3D printing and high-density sintering of aluminum.

Computer Aided Technology Announces Partnership with the ExOne Company.

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