3D Printing News Alert(Wohlers Report 2019)

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According to Clare Scott, 3DPrint.com, Mike Senese, Executive Editor, Make- magazine, Peter Sander, Head of Emerging Technologies and Concepts, Airbus, Tyler Koslow, 3D Printing Industry, “No report is more detailed, more comprehensive, more all-around knowledgeable than the Wohlers Report. The release of a new installment of the Wohlers Report is always a momentous day in 3D printing, and this year is no exception as the 2019 report arrives today.
Anyone with serious interest in professional 3D printing should be reading the Wohlers Report. There’s no better resource for anyone in the business of digital fabrication. It is the industry bible.
In the world of additive manufacturing, Wohlers is both a legend and visionary. He understands the trends and opportunities provided by technology like no other and is willing to share his insights.
With over two decades of quality data, the Wohlers Associates team has become the gold standard for computing growth, analyzing trends, and forecasting the future of additive manufacturing”.


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