3D Printing News Alert(3D printed sugary stent)

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According to Nebraska engineer Ali Tamayol, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering,” One of the plastic surgeons told us about the challenges of this kind of microsurgery — how time-consuming it is, how skill-dependent it is. We are always trying to avoid sugar. Everyone knows that sugar is (sometimes) bad. But here we found an application in which it’s good. 3D printing customizing the stent’s diameter to individuals and areas of the body. By dissolving their sugar-based concoction in water and baking the solution until most of the water evaporated”.
The team detailed its stent design in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials.
Tamayol authored the study with doctoral student Azadeh Mostafavi and master’s student Arian Jaberi, both of Nebraska; Ali Khademhosseini from the University of California, Los Angeles; Harvard Medical School’s Ali Farzin, Amir Miri, Negar Faramarzi, Yu Shrike Zhang and Nasim Annabi; Fatemeh Sharifi from the Sharif University of Technology; and Ricky Solorzano of Allevi Inc.



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