3D Printing is building 2 rockets for space

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As mentioned earlier, 3D printing technology is used to build space rockets. In addition to Terran 1, other rockets are currently in development or have already been launched that incorporate 3D printing technology.

For example, NASA has been experimenting with 3D printing rocket components since 2013 and has successfully tested 3D printed rocket engine parts. The European Space Agency (ESA) has also developed and tested 3D-printed rocket engine parts for their rockets in addition to government agencies, private space companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin are also using 3D printing technology in their rocket manufacturing processes. Relativity Space is building two rockets, Terran 1 and Terran R, at around 1 million square feet area. This is the previous Boeing C-17 plant for manufacturing aircraft.

According to Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis, ¨This will let us continue to expand our ambitions, and of course, build and develop and fly Terran R.¨Relativity to open a huge factory that measures up to its grand ambitions. 3D printer Relativity Space is expanding, with giant new facility to build reusable rockets. Relativity Space leases 1 million square feet for factory headquarters in Long Beach.


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