3D printing for treating patients.

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As believed by Michael Spigel, CEO of Good Shepherd, and university President Bryon Grigsby, “Both institutions are putting research dollars into a research center that will help the faculty from Moravian University and practitioners from Good Shepherd work in conjunction with each other to improve the lives of the patients they serve.

As also said by Moravian University President Bryon L. Grigsby, “Our faculty are producing the next generation of occupational therapists and physical therapists that will be working in the field, and this opportunity allows us to explore ways to research new techniques and technologies in a practical environment. Good Shepherd is a leader in rehabilitation, and we’re able to use the actual practical nature of working with patients with these new products, see how they work and publish that information to the rest of the world.¨

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network and Moravian University Announce Partnership to Advance Rehabilitation, Provide 3D Printing Technology to Patients.

New Good Shepherd hospital will team with Moravian University to use 3D printing, other tech to treat patients.

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