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Hayden Pech
15 hours ago
I am definitely interested in buying a printer, and it seems likely that I will, but it is good to hear about the different problems that come from the different versions of printers. Thanks!

Timo Faust
12 hours ago
Before this video: I want a cool 3d printer!
After this video: Maaaaybe I will wait a few more years…

3D printing is awesome, but I mostly paint miniatures for fun and this still seems like a pretty big hassle still. I think in a few years once things are much more simple and easy I might get into it.
I see Printable Scenery! I love their stuff.
I gotta say getting into resin 3D printing was the best hobby decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not much of a player and I mostly just want to paint being able to print anything in different sizes and as many times as I want has enabled me to learn so much more and try things I would have never had the courage to try out on bought models. I’m very glad I made the leap and I loved learning this hobbx.
Great stuff as always. Good to hear about the positives and negatives. Given the heaps of unpainted figs I have right now I have No doubt that the printers will be collecting dust at times after a while. Will get printers after the Summer I think. Also can’t wait for your Kickstarter! Really hiping for Good brushes at somehwat decent prices! Keep up the good work!

According to Squidmar Miniatures, “he owned 3D printers for 2 years and through that time i’ve learned quite a lot and experienced even more. I feel like there’s a lot of raving about how epic it is to own 3D printers but i’ve experienced that there’s two sides to the coin. This is my honest review, my experiences with 3D printing miniatures for painting and 3d printing for D&D and Warhammer. Is it worth getting one, how good are they at details, what problems did i have, should you get one, FDM vs SLA printers? Maybe even some 3d printing tips and tricks if you look enough.”

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