3D Printing chocolate creations

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According to the research paper’s lead author, Dr. Rahul Karyappa from SUTD, and Principal investigator, Assistant Professor Michinao Hashimoto from SUTD, “The simplicity and flexibility of Ci3DP offer great potential in fabricating complex chocolate-based products without the need for temperature control.

Ci3DP can fabricate customized food in various materials with tailored textures and optimized nutritional content. This new approach also widens the industry’s capabilities in 3D food printing, allowing for the cold-extrusion of temperature-sensitive food products.”

Chocolate-based ink 3D printing (Ci3DP) involves liquid chocolate products mixed with edible additives and printed by a direct ink writing (DIW) 3D printer at room temperature. The formulated inks allowed easy extrusion through the syringes and nozzles and formed self-supporting layers after extrusion to maintain the printed structures.

Karyappa, R., Hashimoto, M. Chocolate-based Ink Three-dimensional Printing (Ci3DP). Sci Rep 9, 14178 (2019).


3D Printing Could Revolutionize Chocolate Creations.

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