3D Printing and the world

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As reported by, ¨VICE News 3D-printing innovations in recent years have brought a sea change in the fabrication of everything from automobile parts to human bio-tissues.

VICE’s Krishna Andavolu delves into the cutting-edge research behind what’s being called the next industrial revolution, meeting the scientists and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of manufacturing, material science, and even space exploration.¨

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Leif Forsythe
4 months ago
Should make a new vice series called ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’

4 months ago
The part about the machine learning algorithm producing designs that look biological when instructed to produce the most efficient designs is really interesting.

Richard Quiroz
6 days ago
“Everything we see in the way of space travel, space concepts, scientific advancement, medical discoveries was already predicted by some good science fiction 25 years ago.” – Rod Serling

4 months ago
This was unexpectedly mind blowing and inspiring
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
3 days ago
3d printing is so interesting and cool
the way they make is new for the world
we love to make if we want to
Eternal Zoom
4 months ago
Things people should look for the next 5 years with new 3D printing innovations that is starting to moving from the Dark Web to Underground Science: 4D printing (shown in this video of material self assembly), 3D Printed Bio Houses (A semi organic house), 3D printed Bio-Computer (organic computer), 3D printed Bio-Droids, 3D printed Biowear, 3D printed Biosystems (whole body part systems printed that works with your cells because they are your cells), Upgrade 3D printed Bioparts (upgrading your body part with something that works better or in another environment like the ocean or Mars, etc.), Super Human upgrade 3D printed Bioparts (upgrading your body part with something that is super human probably will see it might be used in sports), Extra 3D printed Bioparts (extra body parts that Humans don’t come with), 3D printed meta-materials (materials that move on their own through contact with something like in this video) 3D printed glass computer tech (a usb sized glass computer tech can hold 50-100 terabytes) So that’s it for now but yea tech is advancing beyond where people think it’s moving which great but at the same time could cause a society collapse.

coin paradise
4 months ago

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