3D Printer for colorful photography.

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3D printed heart has color using UV-LED 3DUJ-553 can allow over 10 million colors with exceptional photography.

As mentioned by the team from the University of Florence and Bompan, “We were impressed by this technology which truly offers full colour printing with a very wide range of colours, thus enabling us to achieve a fundamental milestone in anatomical study. Although various 3D technologies exist to obtain morphologically faithful reproductions, we are working hard to reproduce colour quality.

The team also added objects we make by combining our algorithm with Mimaki’s 3D printing technology are chromatically and morphologically realistic, measurable, repeatable. Using this method, we could potentially cross further frontiers. In pathological anatomy, for example, we will be able to create a 3D organ that shows the anomalies caused by a specific disease – thus providing a very useful tool for preparing any surgical intervention and for communicating with the patient.”

Mimaki 3D Printing Brings Color to the “Beauty” Of Anatomy.

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