3D Printed tiny Generators.

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According to A team of researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology,¨ They created a new type of ink that can be used to print tiny 3D generators. In their paper published in the journal Nature Electronics, the group describes developing their new ink. The research led by Professor Han Gi Chae and Professor Jae Sung Son in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor Sung Youb Kim in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNIST has announced that they have successfully developed a thermoelectric technology to produce power-generating tubes using 3D printing techniques. Researchers found that the tube-shaped device is more effective than conventional devices.¨

New Study Unveils Thermoelectric Ink that Turns Car Exhaust Pipes into Power Generators.

New 3D-printing ink used to create tiny thermo-generators.

Scientists Just 3D Printed A Thermo Power Generator.

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