3D Printed statues for STEM

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Discover an inspiring exhibit celebrating female innovators in STEM fields at the If/Then Exhibition. Immerse yourself in a captivating collection of over 100 3D-Printed statues, each representing a groundbreaking woman in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Explore the contributions of these extraordinary individuals and learn about their remarkable achievements that have shaped our world.

From pioneering astronauts and renowned mathematicians to visionary engineers and revolutionary scientists, this exhibit showcases the remarkable impact of women in STEM. Witness the power of 3D Printing technology as it brings these incredible role models to life with intricate detail and lifelike representation. Uncover the untold stories and celebrate the invaluable contributions of women in STEM, shaping the future of technology and innovation.

Get ready to be amazed by the beauty and significance of these 3D printed statues that bring history, science, and art together in a remarkable display.

Tess Boissonneault May 19, 2021,

Women of 3D Printing.

If/Then exhibit spotlights female innovators in STEM with over 100 3D printed statues.

More than 120 orange statues at NorthPark honor women in science, tech, engineering and math.

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