3D Printed Sneaker for Paris fashion week

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3D printed Sneaker for Paris fashion week. With the help of thermoplastic polyurethane material and an HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer, using an advanced computational technique, it took them 15 days to make these sneakers for the show. 3D printing technology has recently gained popularity in the fashion industry, with designers creating unique and innovative pieces. 3D printing allows for greater design flexibility, customization, and reduced waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

One example of 3D printed fashion is the 3D printed sneaker. Several companies, including Adidas and Nike, have experimented with 3D printing technology to create customized sneakers. In 2019, Reebok unveiled a 3D-printed sneaker made from plant-based materials, which they claimed was the first of its kind. While 3D printing technology offers many potential benefits for the fashion industry, such as reduced waste and increased customization, there are also challenges to overcome. One major challenge is the cost and accessibility of 3D printing technology, which can be prohibitively expensive for many designers and consumers.

3D-printed fashion is an exciting area of innovation in the fashion industry. It will be interesting to see how designers and brands continue to incorporate this technology into their collections in the future.


Reebok and Botter unveil vibrant 3D-printed trainers informed by seashells.

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