3D Printed Putter for Golf

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According to Cobra,¨to craft its 2021 King 3D Printed putters (SuperNova, Agera and GrandSport-35), Cobra uses a different 3D printing process. While the King Supersport-35 putters of yesteryear were built with HP’s Metal Jet technology, the new models use HP’s Multi-Jet 3D printing process, which utilizes lighter-weight Nylon material that weighs about half the mass of aluminum.¨

Jose Miraflor, Vice President of Marketing at Cobra, also mentioned, “To continue innovating and transforming the way equipment is manufactured, we worked with HP and Parmatech to take advantage of the benefits of Metal Jet technology. During the development of the King Supersport-35 putter, we saw immediate benefits from this process, including design freedom, rapid design iteration, and high-quality parts that meet our economic demands. 3D printing is accelerating design innovation, and this breakthrough putter will help usher in a new era for the sporting equipment industry.¨

Cobra launches new ‘King 3D Printed’ and ‘King Vintage’ putter lines to retail.


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