3D Printed Pressurized Leak Detection Cup

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According to Staff Sgt. Patrick Leach, 100th MXS aircraft fuels systems craftsman, created the Pressurized Leak Detection Cup with the help of the aircraft structural maintenance flight.

“My innovation is a 3D printed cup which we can pressurize when pressed up against the surface of the aircraft this allows air to travel through any open channels on the surface and exit on the inside of the tank. We can then apply soapy water to the inside so we can see where the leak is coming through.”

As reported by popularmechanics, The U.S. Air Force will save millions of dollars and airmen spared the dirty work of crawling inside fuel tanks, all by using a simple tool invented by a serving airman. The pressurized leak detection cup will cut the number of hours needed to detect fuel tank leaks by up to 75 percent, saving the service more than a million dollars a year. To top it off, the new tool is 3D printed and costs just $15 to produce.

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