3D printed N.Y. children’s hospital assistive tech

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According to Chief Administrative Officer Maureen Desimone, “Participation in this event is an extraordinary opportunity for Blythedale. We are so grateful to collaborate with these extremely gifted volunteers in order to develop solutions that will not only benefit our patients, but children with special needs on a much broader scale. It’s deeply inspiring to witness their creativity and commitment firsthand.”
As stated in the challenge is to develop Customizable support chair, ring splints in custom sizes, colors, and shapes for all children with disabilities, and to develop an application for therapists that will generate a 3D file of a pre-designed splint based on a patient’s measurements.

As reported by TOM,” is the NYC organizer, “Blythedale Children’s Hospital has created an exciting convergence. As a leader in specialty pediatric care, Blythedale is the first hospital in the U.S. to provide assistive tech challenges to a TOM Makeathon and has also volunteered a diverse team of specialists to collaborate with local Makers. Not only will the prototypes designed be available to the hospital’s patient community, but it means that children with similar disabilities globally can also benefit.”


Blythedale to Participate in TOM: NYC Makeathon

3D printing helps N.Y. children’s hospital customize assistive tech

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