3D printed mosaic canvas ‘PAINTING’

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According to 3D Printing Nerd, “Mosaic Manufacturing makes the Palette 2 / Palette 2 Pro – a 3d printing device that takes up to four different filaments, and prints multi color / multi material objects. NOW, with PAINTING enabled in Canvas, users can PAINT SINGLE STL MODELS and print them out in MULTIPLE COLORS!.”

From comments,
John O’Shaughnessy
11 months ago
Interesting new feature! Thanks for sharing.

mathew phillips
11 months ago
So I just rebuilt a dual extruding machine imagine the possibilities of two pallets to canvases awesome

Jonathan Kayne
11 months ago
PLEASE make a version for the Prusa MMU! I have a MMU2S and it is a huge pain to convert single STLs to Multicolor in meshmixer.

11 months ago
Interesting. My only Hangup is it sounds like you’re forced to use their slicer. Maybe it’s the best slicer ever, but I know printing petg and nylons that I need lots of control to reduce stringing, blobs, etc. If I’m forced to use their slicer and settings, I’d like to see how much control I actually have.

Coloring is awesome….as long as your material can print cleanly :)

Bob Hepple
11 months ago
Great Video I think the Transition towers are a pain and it’s not the material wastage, its the time a Model sliced in S3d by itself 5-6hr put into palette and the block puts it up another 12hrs making it a 18hr print, bring it on when we can reduce the Tower.. but I love the Palette.

John Hunter
11 months ago
Do extruders have the ability to mix multiple colours together yet?

Fernando Alves
Fernando Alves
11 months ago (edited)
Maybe this has been talked about before, but couldn’t a Palette device theoretically blend CMYK filaments to produce full color prints? That would be awesome!

Jim Greene
11 months ago
This is great can’t wait to try it out got my Palette almost a year ago I did a lot of mods to it to get it to stand on it’s end and removed the digital readout & put it in it’s own holder on 36″ ribbon cables and mounted the filament spool holders on to the side of the palette this makes it take up so much less area on my print bench I tried doing the cut this color that re mesh all of this & hope it all some how magically comes out had some luck but it was a real bit of work this looks SO MUCH BETTER !


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