3D Printed metamaterial acoustic resonators(sound).

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3D Printed metamaterial acoustic resonators(sound). As mentioned by Project Lead Dr. Joe Jackson, from the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, ¨The majority of research into the sound-detection part of external hearing aids and cochlear implants – an electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve for hearing – is related to electronics, such as the analysis of signals and digital signal processing. But this is expensive and takes battery life, and the more advanced the devices, the more impractical they can become, with the user having the charge their hearing aid every few hours, for example. Said metamaterials have the unique ability to create acoustic properties unobtainable in traditional materials and have proven to be reliable when measuring noise suppression and cancelation. By using 3D printing, the team has found great success in miniaturizing the devices that would otherwise prove to be difficult to reduce in size. Devices like hearing aids can benefit greatly from this project.¨

3D printing our way into the future of acoustic systems.

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