3D printed liquid Rocket.

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3D printed small rocket with less expensive high performance using a copper alloy. It has unique liquid oxygen regenerative cooling.

As mentioned in Tct magazineś article, Max Haot, Founder & CEO of Launcher said, ¨VELO3D really delivered on our turbopump, including its 3D printed rotating impeller, all of which functioned perfectly the very first time at 30,000 rpm, using the first prototype. Rocket engine turbopump parts typically require casting, forging, and welding. Tooling required for these processes increases the cost of development and reduces flexibility between design iterations. The ability to 3D print our turbopump—including rotating Inconel shrouded impellers, thanks to VELO3D’s zero-degree technology—makes it possible now at a lower cost and increased innovation through iteration between each prototype.¨

It all starts with developing the highest-performance engine for small rockets.

Launcher adds second VELO3D metal 3D printer to produce rocket engine parts.

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