3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )(3D printed earth cook chips)

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According to the Danish Technological Institute,” has collaborated with the gourmet chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen on the 3D-printed molds used in the Bocuse d’Or – World Cup for chefs Bocuse d’Or, in Lyon. Earth cook chips made in silicone form after 3D printed layout. the red beetroot with naturally drawn leaves, which we worked long on for the final in Bocuse d’Or, came out as perfect as it did because when you make that kind of molds, there is a lot you have to be noted. But with 3D print, one has to put down its limitations, because what could not be done earlier can be done now. 3D-print builds the product out of paper-thin layers that are laser-layered one layer at a time based on CAD models that are created in a computer. The 3D print makes it possible to create advanced and natural forms that cannot be produced in the traditional way. Kenneth Toft-Hansen’s dishes were prepared under the theme Flora Danica following the classic reference works on Danish flowers and plants”.




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