3D printed earphones.

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According to Iain McLeod, Director of Audio at Formlabs, “Our technology collaboration with Sennheiser seeks to change the way customers interact with the brands they love by enabling a more customized, user-centric approach to product development. Formlabs’ deep industry knowledge and broad expertise in developing scalable solutions enable us to deliver tangible innovations to our customers.¨

As mentioned by Véronique Larcher, Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio at Sennheiser, ¨Formlabs shares Sennheiser’s drive for innovation – and improving the customer experience through this prototype is a testament to that mindset.¨

Sounds of Germany in 3D immersive audio

Formlabs Develops Custom, 3D-Printed Earphone Prototype for Sennheiser’s AMBEO applications

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