3D Printed Car Parts

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According to B is for Build, “In today’s episode we are 3d printing a custom-designed vent for the wide-body Huracan.
If you’re in the market for a printer head to


And if you want to learn more about 3d printing and all other sorts of fun stuff check out Matthew’s channel at.”

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Eyaz Rehman
4 months ago
Hey Chris, I’d recommend using a solution designed to merge plastics together, like super glue or an epoxy instead of using a 3D printing pen. The glue will take some time to cure, but will result in a much stronger part since you’re joining two planes together, rather than just a line around the perimeter of the parts. Good luck!

Daniel Angeles4 months ago (edited)

I 3d print a lot of things regularly. For these parts it’s better to print them vertically so that the curve goes on the z axis which will look a lot better. You also will need less supports to remove.
Print them with the side you “welded together” on the bottom. this will help with printing(no need for supports, saves filament) and it will also help when “welding” together. I love your builds!
Chris well done! I have a long term experience with 3D printing motorcycle and car parts. I would advice you yo print them like a vase. Like towers ! Use a strong brim which will make them stick well to the bed and make locking systems to put pieces together. I can give u a lot of advice. Message me if u are interested. Good luck :)
I have the Creality Ender 3 Pro, and this little printer is awesome for the price point. Watching this video has inspired me to print my own car parts. Awesome job on the build so far and it is great that you are introducing different methods to get your build complete.


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