3D printed Beehive

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For so many decades we couldn’t find the identification of colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon marked by widespread loss of honey bee colonies, researchers are continuously working to solve the ecologically complex problem of how to mitigate ongoing losses of honey bees and other pollinating species. We need to track specific impacts on bee health. It could be carefully controlled and kept pesticide free.
3D printed honeycomb is based on food grade material.


According to Researchers at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois and J Group Robotics,” used specially developed 3D-printed plastic honeycombs that mimic the hive environment, in order to monitor queen egg-laying behaviors. They develop a complete Automated Bee Hive to extract honey in the purest form. The entire beehive is nature-friendly as well as using the latest Robotics, 3D Printing & Production friendly mechanism. The Robotic Bee Hive shall extract the purest form of Honey without Killing or Disturbing the Honey Bees. “This compact Robotics Bee Hive shall be installed at every village driving the Women Empowerment and supplying the Purest form of Kinds of honey to the FMCG’s”



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