3D Print Sperm sort is affordable simple at home for fertility

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A 3D-printed sperm-sorting device is a device that uses microfluidic channels and a 3D-printed structure to separate male and female sperm cells. The device is designed to help couples trying to conceive a child of a specific gender.

The device works by separating sperm cells based on their size and shape. Male sperm cells are typically smaller and more streamlined than female sperm cells so they can pass through the microfluidic channels more efficiently. The device is designed to direct the male sperm cells to one side of the channel while the female sperm cells are directed to the other.

The 3D-printed structure is designed to create microfluidic channels and direct the flow of sperm cells through the device. The device can be customized to accommodate different sizes and shapes of sperm cells and different volumes of sperm samples.

Overall, a 3D-printed sperm-sorting device has the potential to offer couples a non-invasive, low-cost, and effective method of selecting the gender of their child. However, more research is needed to evaluate this technology’s safety and effectiveness fully.

Simple 3D-printed sperm-sorting device could help couples conceive.

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