3D print one of the strongest materials on Earth

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According to Xiaoyu “Rayne” Zheng and “Hensleigh”, assistant professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and director of the Advanced Manufacturing and Metamaterials Lab,“Now a designer can design three-dimensional topology comprised of interconnected graphene sheets. This new design and manufacturing freedom will lead to optimization of strength, conductivity, mass transport, strength, and weight density that are not achievable in graphene aerogels.
We’ve been able to show you can make a complex, three-dimensional architecture of graphene while still preserving some of its intrinsic prime properties, Usually, when you try to 3D print graphene or scale up, you lose most of their lucrative mechanical properties found in its single sheet form. It’s a significant breakthrough compared to what’s been done, We can access pretty much any desired structure you want”.






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