3D Print and Veterans throughout the nation

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According to the Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation (VACI),” recently launched the first nationwide medical 3D printing network through a collaboration with Stratasys, one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers globally. As part of this effort, five 3D printers donated by Stratasys were installed in VA hospitals across the country, including Albuquerque, Boston, Orlando, San Antonio and Seattle”.

Veterans throughout the nation.

According to Garrett Grindle, a research scientist for HERL, says, “3D printing allows us an almost unlimited ability to customize the parts we need—because anything we can draw upon a computer, it can print out!””It’s really hard to make these devices in small quantities. 3D printing allows us to do that,” he tells us. Grindle also said that 3D printers make it easier to create contoured devices than current manufacturing techniques can. He cited a contoured joystick created by a HERL associate to fit the associate’s own hand and help him control his powered wheelchair. We want people to look at what people are using and say, ‘Wow! ‘That gear is as cool as a new cell phone. We’re doing this to get new technology into the hands of Veterans quickly’.


3-D printing program creates customized products to assist Veterans in their rehabilitation

VA center using 3D printing to create devices to help Veterans feel whole




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