3D Bioprinting of tissues and organs

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CollPlant is a biotechnology company that develops and produces proprietary plant-based recombinant proteins for medical and aesthetic applications. The company specializes in developing plant-derived collagen for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. CollPlant’s proprietary technology platform involves genetically engineering plants to produce human collagen, which can be used to create implantable tissues for various medical applications. CollPlant’s products are intended to address a range of medical conditions, including wound healing, orthopedics, and aesthetics.

According to Yehiel Tal, the Chief Executive Officer of CollPlant, “This fundraising is intended to support the advancement of our pipeline in the fields of medical aesthetics and 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs. We are now focused on facilitating our development programs of dermal fillers and regenerative breast implants. Our collaboration with United Therapeutics, which is using our BioInk technology for 3D printing lungs, is progressing, and we continue to expand our business collaborations with large international healthcare companies that seek to implement our revolutionary regenerative medicine technology. We are very pleased to have entered into this transaction with Mr. Sagi and the other investors.”

Eran Rotem, Deputy CEO & CFO. CollPlant Biotechnologies Raising $5.5 Million.


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