3D, 4D, and 5D printing´s STEM curriculum.


3D,4D, and 5D Printing Curriculum or STEM-themed lessons for 3D printing. *


Learn how? 3D print



9 Things to Know about 3D Printing in K-12.



FreeCAD Your own 3D parametric modeler.


Wings 3D.







3D printing for History

3D printing for Science

3D printing for Geography

3D printing for Learning Language

3D printing for learning Physics

3D printing for learning Math

3D printing for learning Psychology

3D printing for learning Economics

3D printing to learn cooking from scratch

3D printing for Wearables

3D printing for Fashion(Cosmetics, Designs)

3D printing for Toys

3D printing for Architecture(Houses, Buildings)

3D printing for Horticulture

E-book to learn how additive manufacturing

is an important part of our learning so we can focus on the balance between the content. It allows us to check what we learn and helps them gather data in the course content.:)

3D Printing News Alert(Toybox-The 3D Printer Just For Kid)

1) 3D, 4D Printings-keywords (3D, 4D Printing Vocabulary)

2) SV3DPrinter’s vision for future 3D,4D, and 5D printers

3) Science and Technology 3D & 4D and 5D print, sv3dprinter solutions and prediction for 3d Printing market, 3D printing market, and technology, research

4) 3d,4D and 5D printing industry news

5) 3D,4D, and 5D printed parts save MONEY

6) 3 D 4D and 5D Printed Food recipe (Chew )

7) 3D Print technology Design in Virtual Reality

8) Understanding Additive Manufacturing

9) 356 days of 3D,4D,5D Printing, Why 3D Printing, history

10) 3D,4D and 5D print products, Apps, Books

11) 3D Printing History 3D,4D, and 5D Printing Materials

12) Advanced Materials Technologies

13) Complex Geometry in additive manufacturing design

14) The direct and indirect layer manufacturing process

15) Reverse Engineering Invention for 3D,4D, and 5D Print

16) Understanding Additive Manufacturing

17) Setting up and maintain your own 3D, 4D, and 5D Printer

18) Tools to achieve the 3D 4D 5D Print creation

19) 3D 4D 5D printer companies

20) 3D 4D 5D Printing Entrepreneur

21) 3D,4D, and 5D Printing Business crown

22) 3D 4D 5D printing Lifestyle

23) 3D print kindness

24) 3D Print-Fashion & Cosmetics

25) 3D Printed Wearable Design

26) 3d printers, fashion design

27) 3d printing in Medicine and Health

28) STL Data structure repair

29) Setting up and maintain your own 3D 4D 5D Printer

30) Reverse Engineering Invention for 3D Print

31) Responsible use of high-risk 3D Printed

32) 3D Video Engineering with Arduino

33) 3d printing university

34) Opportunities and challenges of 3D printing in education

35) Design: Design

36) 3D Printing easy to diagnose and replace parts

37) 3D printed parts save MONEY

38) 3D Printing Planning and Projects

39) Outsourcing 3D modeling and 3D Printing services

40) Successful 3D 4D 5D Printing Business

41) The future of 3D 4D 5D printing services

42) spark

43) Responsible use of high-risk 3D Printed

44) Look for important things before buying a 3D printer

45) Look for important things before buying a 3D printer

46) Environment-friendly sustainable 3D print Prototyping with the Oceans Plastics Engineering Projects

47) Build 3D 4, 5D Prints on strong AI systems

49) 3D Printing Conference

50) Dr. 3d Printer, Advanced Manufacturing



1  3D Printing An Introduction

2  Getting Started with 3D Printing: A Hands-on Guide to the Hardware, Software, and Services Behind the New Manufacturing Revolution 1st Edition


3 Design for 3D Printing: Scanning, Creating, Editing, Remixing, and Making in Three Dimensions


4 The 3D Printing Handbook: Technologies, design, and applications


5 3D Printing Failures: 2019 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair ALL Desktop 3D Printing Issues


6 Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer 1


7 Fun & Easy Lesson Plans to Jumpstart 3D Printing in Your Classroom

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